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Viewing Network-based Security service traffic and security reports

As part of your CenturyLink® Network-Based Security (NBS) service, you have access to enhanced reports to view network traffic comprehensively; access firewall, IDS/IPS, and content-filtering logs in realtime; create data mining logs with flexible query functionality; and generate pre-defined and custom reports.

Reports are customizable and available for topics such as firewall, IPS, and general services. 

To view NBS security and traffic reports:

  1. Click the Admin tab, then click the Tools & Misc subtab. 

    Control Center lists the additional portals you have access to.
  1. Click Manage My NBS.

    Control Center opens a separate window for the NBS portal.
  1. Log in to the NBS portal (using NBS-specific user ID, PIN, and secure token).

  2. Click the Reports folder, then click the report you want. Reports are available in PDF, XML, MHT, TXT fromats and can be scheduled to run automatically.

Certain reports (e.g., web filtering) require an additional tier-of-service subscription. If you run a report and don't see any data, it could be you don't have the correct subscription.

Device logs are available in the portal for up to 90 days. Older logs must be requested from the Managed Security Service (MSS) group. To reach the MSS group, contact us.

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