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Troubleshooting failed billing reports in Bill Analyst

When billing reports fail to be created, it's usually because account data isn't available. Common problems for report failure include:

  • Account data isn't available for the date selected—no-data-found error displays.
  • The wrong hierarchy is being used—no-data-found error displays.
  • An incorrect filter is being applied—no-data-found error displays.
  •  An SFTP location is faulty—SFTP-delivery failure error displays.

When no-data-found errors occur

  • No-data-found errors usually occur because there's a problem with the data not being loaded yet or there's a problem with how the search parameters are set up.
  • Before you try to run a billing report, confirm there's data available for the month you want to view. If there's data available for the month, you'll see billing data associated with that account, such as the billed date, invoice number, and amount billed. If those fields are blank, the data for the selected month hasn't been loaded into Bill Analyst yet and you will not be able to run a report.
  • If there's data available for your report and you're getting an error message, confirm your search parameters are correct. For example, check to see the date, hierarchy, level, and filter fields are set correctly. 

Learn more about no-data-found errors.

SFTP-delivery failure errors

  • Each month, before sending regularly scheduled billing reports, our systems ping the receiving SFTP locations to confirm connectivity. If our systems don't receive an answer, we put the report on hold.
  • If your organization has set up an SFTP location, and you have reason to believe there could a problem with it, contact the person who setup the SFTP location to revalidate it.
  • While the technical details are being worked out, you should still be able to retrieve your billing report. Go to the Bill Analyst completed orders (or pending orders) page where the report should be listed and available to download. If it isn't listed, you'll need to reorder the report.
Note: If you've sent scheduled reports to your SFTP location previously without any problem, double check to make sure your search parameters such as hierarchy, level, field, and date are correct.
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