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Troubleshooting no-data-found errors in Bill Analyst

If you're trying to run billing reports in Bill Analyst and get a no-data-found error, there's probably a simple explanation. To figure it out, first, confirm there's data available for the report you're running, and then, confirm your search parameters are valid.

To confirm data is available for the report: 

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Billing Reports subtab. 
  1. Click Bill Analyzer.

Control Center opens Bill Analyst in a separate window.

  1. Click the Statements tab.

If there's data available for the month, you'll see billing data, such as billed date, invoice number associated with the account. If those fields are blank, the data for the selected month hasn't been loaded into Bill Analyst yet, and you will not be able to successfully run a report.

In the example below, data's available for the first three accounts but not the last three. This is because the first three have the same billing date and the other three have a later billing dates.

  • It takes seven to nine days for billing data to be uploaded into Bill Analyst. For example, if your bill date is the 2nd, your billing data will be available by the 9th or the 11th.

  • If all of your accounts have the same billing date, the system will default to the most current month and your report will run as expected. 

  • If you don't see an account listed, you probably don't have access to it, and you can't run reports. (To ask about changing your permissions, contact your Bill Analyst administrator. If you don't know that person, contact us.)

If there's data available for the month you're trying to run a billing report on, but you're still getting a no-data-found error, the problem could be how you have your search parameters set up. If they're too restrictive, there won't be any data for the system to return and you'll get an error.

Double check the settings of these parameters:

  • 階層
  • Level
  • Filter

  • アカウントグループ
  • グループ
  • サブグループ

You can find these parameters at the top of the statements, summary, and detail pages. (Exactly which parameters you find varies based on the screen you're on and the type of report you're running.)

To troubleshoot your search parameters, remove as many parameters as you can. For example, change the Hierarchy to Public, Level to Corporate, Filter to None, etc.

To change the hierarchy, click the orange Hierarchy link, select Public Hierarchy, and then, click the Set Active Hierarchy button. To change level or filter, use the menus.



If doing this solves the problem, then the problem is with whatever parameter(s) you changed.

Note: If you took off the filter and the report worked, the filter may be searching for data that simply can't be there (i.e. using the international filter on local service data). Or if it's a custom filter, there's something about the  search logic that needs to be adjusted. For example, if you're checking your toll-free use for February and it's only February 2, it's possible that there's been no toll-free activity. If that is the case, do not change the filter; instead, change the date you're searching.
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