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Viewing averaged metrics for your network

With the PTAP At-A-Glance report, you can see averaged metrics for your entire network. Data used for this report is generated in 15-minute intervals and the most-recent/last-collected sample is used.

To view an at-a-glance report, do the following:

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Network Reports subtab. 
  1. Click Network Performance (PTAP).

    Control Center opens a separate window for CenturyLink PTAP.
  1. In the At-A-Glance box on the dashboard (above the map), use the lists to choose the information for your report:

    1. Specify whether you want to view Interfaces (device metrics), Physical Transport Metrics (layer 1 metrics), or Queues.

    2. Select the collection sample. By default, you'll get the last collected 5-minute metric sample (FiveMinute).

  2. Click Go.

    PTAP runs the report and displays your results. Gauges showing the average for those metrics appear in a pop-up window, as shown below. Each gauge shows the average for your company's network.

    The individual red gauge needles show the average for that specific metric across your whole company.

    LWM = low water mark; HWM = high water mark. These abbreviations are below each gauge and indicate the lowest (and highest) value for each metric—across your whole enterprise for the sample (5-minute sample in the example shown above). The LWM/HWM values are helpful for quickly determining whether a device/circuit is not performing optimally.
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