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Assigning descriptions to a phone number in Usage Analyst

If you have the necessary permissions you can add descriptions to your outbound call records in Usage Analyst. This makes reports easier to read and eliminates the hassle of having to look up or remember the numbers.

You can add up to two descriptions per phone number. These descriptions can be used together or independent of each other when selecting the group and subgroups of your reports. Phone number descriptions are visible to all your organization's users.

To assign descriptions to a phone number:

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Voice Reports subtab. 
  1. Click Usage Analyst.

Control Center opens Usage Analyst in a separate window.

  1. 設定タブをクリックします。
  1. In the Descriptions box, click Phone Numbers.

  2. Enter the phone numbers and descriptions, click Save

    Not everyone has permission to add phone number descriptions. If you click on the phone numbers tab and don't see the add, import, edit, and remove buttons, you don't have the necessary permissions. To ask about changing your permissions, contact us.
  1. Click Add Phone Numbers.
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