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Checking for incomplete call traffic in Usage Analyst

If you're a toll-free customer and want to know if callers are unable to get in contact with you, you can create a filter for incomplete call traffic and then create a report to get your results. These types of calls are identified by looking at data that shows calls with no time duration. Usage Analyst data is about three to four hours behind current time.  

To create a filter to run a report that shows incomplete call traffic:

  1. Click the Reports tab, then click the Voice Reports subtab. 
  1. Click Usage Analyst.

Control Center opens Usage Analyst in a separate window.

  1. 設定タブをクリックします。
  1. In the Tools box, click Filters.
  1. Select the option next to the report you want to add a filter to, click Add Filter.
  1. Click Next for Condition Builder.
  1. From the Create a filter of report type list, select Voice Usage, then click Next.
  1. In the Name field type a name for your fiter (i.e., zero duration). 

  2. From the Access Method ID list, select Call Duration (hh:mm:ss).

  3. In the last field, type 00:00. (Do not type 00:00:00.) 

  4. [保存]をクリックします。
  1. Now, you need to run a report with the zero duration filter you just created.

    • Click the Summary or Detail tab.
  1. The zero duration filter should appear in the filter list. If it doesn't, select the option button next to the report you want to run.

    • Click either View Report or Order Report.
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