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Configuring traffic shaping

Traffic shaping is configurable on many vendors and platforms. This topic provides some of the more common vendors/platforms and how to configure traffic shaping on these devices. We recommend configuring a committed burst size equal to a 4ms Tc and an excess burst size equal to 0 bits (when applicable).

We also have a topic that provides an overview of traffic shaping.


CIR: 50Mbps
Burst size = 50,000,000bps × .004 seconds = 200,000 bits

CIR: 20Mbps
Burst size = 20,000,000bps × .004 seconds = 80,000 bits

Cisco—IOS—shaping without QoS

Cisco—IOS—shaping with QoS

Cisco—IOS-XR—shaping without QoS

Cisco—IOS-XR—shaping with QoS




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