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Answering calls automatically

CenturyLink recommends you don't use the Auto Answer feature. When the feature is turned on, if you forget to change your ACD status to unavailable and you're away from your desk, your phone will still answer the call and no one will be available to speak with the caller.  

You can turn on the Auto Answer feature to answer calls automatically. When this feature is turned on and an incoming call comes in, your phone automatically answers the call. The Auto Answer feature is often used by supervisors and agents who use headsets with their phones to handle a high volume of calls.

Note: Auto Answer only works if your phone is compliant with Advanced Call Control (ACC).

To answering calls automatically:

  1. Sign in to the Contact Center Client.
  1. From the Call Console pane header bar, click the Auto Answer icon (a handset with the green arrow pointing up).

    The icon now has a blue square around it.
  1. When your desk phone rings, use your headset to talk with the caller.

  2. To end the call, click the red END button.

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