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Setting the status of your phone when you sign in

If you want your phone to automatically set to either available or unavailable when you sign in to the Contact Center Client, you can select the Post Sign-In ACD State (status) default setting.

To set the status of your phone when you sign in:

  1. Sign in to the Contact Center Client.
  1. From the top right menu on the Contact Center Client main page, click Settings.
  1. Click the Application tab.
  1. Scroll down to Agent Policies, then from the Post Sign-in ACD State list, select your post sign-in ACD state status:

    • Available—as soon you as sign in, you’ll immediately receive a call if callers are waiting in the queue.

    • Unavailable—you won’t receive calls from the queue until you change your status to Available using the soft keys on your desk phone (if the keys are programmed) or the Contact Center Client.

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