Business support

Forwarding unanswered calls

By default, unanswered calls are directed to voicemail. However, if you want to forward unanswered incoming calls to another phone number instead of going to voicemail, you can turn on the Call Forwarding No Answer feature. You can also forward all of your calls or turn on the Do Not Disturb feature.

To turn on Call Forwarding No Answer:

  1. Open your browser or Microsoft Outlook with the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar.
  1. Click Services.

    The Services window opens with the toolbar features, displaying the last feature opened.
  1. Under the Incoming Calls menu, click Call Forwarding No Answer.
  1. Click the On radio button.

  2. In the Calls Forward to field, type the number to forward calls to.

  3. From the Number of rings before forwarding option, select the number of rings the caller hears before the call is forwarded to another phone number.
  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you want to make additional changes, click Apply, then click on the next feature to set.

    • If you're done, click OK.

When you no longer want to forward unanswered calls to another phone number, you can turn off the Call Forwarding No Answer feature by clicking the Call Forward No Answer icon (the blue silhouette with the blue arrow) on the toolbar.